Labour’s candidate for Thornbury & Yate

Thornbury & Yate Labour Party has selected Hadleigh Roberts as its candidate to fight the General Election on 7 May.

Having previously contested the seat as part of the South West England Constituency for the European Parliament, he was chosen unanimously by a ballot of local party members.

Mr Roberts is a qualified interpreter/translator of French and Spanish, having obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Bath before working in the private sector.

The all-members ballot took place following a Q&A session in Chipping Sodbury.

Following the vote, he set out the terms of the election in a short speech:

“The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have tried to dismantle the country Labour built, which was a changed country based on social inclusion, openness and aspiration, but they have failed.

“Just as they will never give up trying to divide the nation, we must never give up hope that we can again build a confident and courageous country.

“All the damage done by Conservatives and Liberal Democrats can be repaired but only Labour is able to do it.

“Labour’s achievements, from the NHS to the minimum wage, are now part of the fabric of the nation.

“The stakes are high in this election and Britain needs a Labour Government.

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