Sarkozy welcomes Le Pen into the Republic

Both Hollande and Sarkozy have tried to lure over voters who contributed to the 18% Front National score. Hollande has made several speeches along the lines of ‘It’s my responsibility not to disappoint you’ and ‘I understand the anger these people feel.’ Sarkozy, on the other hand, features on the front cover of Libération (a left-leaning newspaper):

Le Pen is compatible with the Republic.

Now I am given to understand, in the name of fairness, that Sarkozy actually said that the Front National is compatible with the Republic, rather than Le Pen. It also doesn’t specify which Le Pen (junior or senior?). With 18% of the vote, I could understand the point he could have made, but it’s a very transparent scramble for last-minute votes.

Regardless, all the French people I know (bearing in mind 95% of them are Socialists) are deeply upset. My social networks were peppered with the word honteux – shameful.

A profoundly anti-republican party is now deemed compatible with the Republic by the (outgoing) President of the Republic. The French have a great word banalisation for which we have to direct translation in English (the French love nouns for everything). It’s an idea to describe to process of making something everyday or commonplace. The closest I can get is a phrase like ‘thin end of the wedge’ or ‘slippery slope’.

Overall, I said Sarkozy would dash to the right, and he has done so in the least tasteful way possible.


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